Welcome to Imperial College : Welcome to Engineering

Professor David A. Nethercot
BSc, PhD, DSC, FREng, FIStructE,

Head of Department

What is Civil Engineering?

"Civil Engineering is the practice of improving and maintaining the built and natural environment to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations". (Institution of Civil Engineers)

If you want to become a good engineer and not just be a good student, consider this:

"The soul and spirit of education is that habit of mind which remains when a student has forgotten everything (he or she) has been taught". (Sir Charles Inglis, Presidential Address to the ICE, 1941)

You will not forget everything you are taught on the undergraduate course, but much of what you learn will be superseded in the years to come. We believe that you will leave Imperial College capable of tackling a variety of problems in a logical and creative manner, trained to make sensible decisions and skilled in communicating these decisions.

The staff wish you well, are here to help and want you to enjoy your time at Imperial College.

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