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PBN20 Offprint of Skempton, A D Leadbeater & R J Chandler, ‘The Mam Tor landslide, North Derbyshire’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, series A, vol 329, pp 503-547
Journals including Skempton's articles

With two letters to and from Jane Wiseman, Leicester University, Sept 1991

Creator Sir Alec Skempton
Control PBN20
Date range 1989
Inventory Identifier SKEM00523 Box Number 60 Series 15
PBN21 Proceedings of the European Conference on Stability of earth slopes, Sweden (three volumes, one with loose typescripts and correspondence) - article by Skempton
Journals including Skempton's articles
Creator Sir Alec Skempton
Control PBN21
Date range Sept 1954
Inventory Identifier SKEM00524 Box Number 60 Series 15

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